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fled, but his right wing and centre bore down on the
Chagatay Mongols and put them to flight. Borak fell
from his horse and was nearly captured, but reached
Bokhara in safety, and there became a convert to Islam.
He then collected a force to punish those leaders who
had deserted him, but he never recovered from the fall on
the battle-field and died a few months after his defeat
TusufShahL, Atabeg ofLuristan.—Abaga did not follow
up his victory, but returned immediately to Azerbaijan.
While travelling in the neighbourhood of Kazvin he was
suddenly attacked by a body of Daylamites. The Atabeg
of Luristan, Yusuf Shah I., who had materially con-
tributed to the defeat of Borak, promptly fell on the
assailants and saved the life of his suzerain, who to mark
his gratitude added Khuzistan and three frontier districts
of Luristan to the Atabeg's princedom.
The Devastation of Khwarazm and Tramoxiana by
Abagay A.H. 671 (1272).—After the death of Borak and
the disturbances which ensued, Abaga despatched a force
to ravage Khwarazm and Transoxiana, on the advice of
his Vizier, who suggested this as an effectual method of
protecting Khorasan. The cities of Central Asia which
had begun to recover from the Mongol cataclysm were
once more ruined, and as Chuba and Kayan, the two
sons of Algu, sacked Bokhara three years later, that
unfortunate city lay desolate for seven years.
(The Battle of Abulistin> A.H. 675 (1277).—To return
to the west, the successful campaigns of Baybars at length
compelled Abaga, much against his will, to send a
Mongol army to defend his western provinces. Baybars,
marching with his entire forces to invade Asia Minor,
advanced from Aleppo northwards and found the Mongol
army eleven thousand strong, supported by a body of
Turks and a Georgian contingent, at Abulistin. The
battle opened by a charge of the Mongol left wing on the
Egyptian centre, which was forced back on to the right
wing, while at the same time the Egyptian left wing was
thrown into disorder. Baybars then ordered a charge by
the whole line. The Mongols dismounted and poured
in a storm of their deadly arrows, but the Moslems,